Here at Veldskoen, we love our animals, so when The Rhino Orphanage and CROW told us about their incredible initiatives to save and rehabilitate animals, it was an empathic YES when they asked if we could sponsor shoes for their two teams.


The Rhino Orphanage is a registered non-profit company based in the Limpopo Province and was founded in 2012. 

The orphanage is the first specialist, dedicated, and non-commercial centre that cares for orphaned and injured baby rhinos with the main aim of releasing them back into the wild. The orphanage was created due to a lack of a specialized place for rearing baby rhinos who have been orphaned because of the current poaching crisis that feeds the illegal trade in horns.

At the start of the 19th century, there were 1 million rhinos in the wild. This number, unfortunately, has declined dramatically over the last few decades due to the increase in poaching. Rhinos are on the critically endangered animals list and are fighting for survival against extinction with only 27,000 remaining in the wild. 

The Rhino Orphanage was recently offered the opportunity to set up a rhino sanctuary like no other.  Its current location is on only 80 hectares of leased land, but a new area has recently been made available, and this will be rhino paradise. The new location comprises 4800 hectares of pristine land, plentiful grazing and browsing, and an endless supply of natural water. This means freedom for the rhino orphans at an earlier age and growing wilder and stronger. They will be safe, free to breed, and help save their species that is on the brink of extinction.

The costs to construct new bomas, camps, and overnight rooms are very high. Revamping includes turning the current buildings into a milk kitchen, a clinic, a dedicated arrival room. The new location also requires facilities for the passionate and dedicated carers and Anti-poaching Team, the connection of water provisions – the list is endless.

Rhinos at The Rhino Orphanage


The Rhino Orphanage and its success depend on public donations. If you wish to support The Orphanage you can visit their website. To find out more about what The Rhino Orphanage is all about, or to stay updated with what is happening in the sanctuary you can follow their Facebook and/or Instagram page.



CROW is a wildlife rehabilitation centre situated in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. It was South Africa’s first dedicated centre originally founded in 1977 and over 40 years later, it remains to be Durban’s only registered and fully permitted wildlife rehabilitation centre.

CROW makes use of the 3 R’s; Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release. The centre’s small but dedicated team can rescue, rehabilitate and release between 3000 and 4000 injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals each year. CROW’s vision is to be an independent, pioneering force in rehabilitating and orphaned and injured wildlife. The motto that CROW strives to live up to is the best cage is no cage.

2022 Wildlife calendar. 


CROW is a non-profit organization and is reliant on donations from the public. If you wish to support CROW by donating your time, financially assisting, or sponsoring an animal you can click here. You can have a look at CROW’s Takealot Wishlist that they have curated of necessities that they need. Alternatively, you can buy a 2022 wildlife calendar (see image above) where all proceeds of the sales will go to CROW to help the organization fulfill its mandate to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife.

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